Dan Holden Art

So, I’m Dan’s wife, George. There’s no way he will ever write a blog; so I’m going to do it for him. We are doing this as a partnership after all and we help each other do the things we don't like to do, for me, its cooking but that's another story.

I’ve been given permission to talk about Dan’s personal life. He was brought up in a hippy ‘arty’ family. His dad was a potter and they lived among many artists in rural Devon. Although Dan was good at Art at school, he veered away from it; it was the 80’s, careers were all about making money.

However, that didn’t happen. He’s not really that type of person. We met and married within a year, when we were both very young, thirty years ago. Years later, we had our gorgeous daughter, I started work as a primary school teacher and we bought our first house. Dan became house husband and primary caregiver. He always said he had no ambition, but I saw it as no desire for a conventional job. In his new role, he shone. Being a father gave him real purpose and he always said he was there to support me to help children. He’s also very stylish, choosing houses, layout and décor with confidence, and very practical and loves to do everything in the house himself, from DIY and decorating to plumbing.

As part of my job, I started to learn about dyslexia and wondered about Dan. He took a test and found out that he was dyslexic and that he could use voice activated software while studying for a degree with the Open University. Dan said it was like a burden being lifted off his shoulders. I became Special Needs Coordinator at school and fought for children with dyslexia.

He studied Humanities and specialized in Twentieth Century Art which he found he was very good at, achieving first class honours. During this time, he started to think that he would like to experiment with art himself. Before this he had always painted or drawn but this was really the catalyst for a change in direction.

Painting excites and calms Dan. He says he could just paint all day every day.

So that is it, that is where he is. He’s now promoting himself online with this website and dedicating himself to his art.

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