Dan Holden Art


Dan is a Worcestershire based abstract artist. After studying for a Degree in twentieth century art and drawing inspiration from the numerous artists of that period, he became obsessed with generating abstract paintings.

For a 'canvas' he uses recycled materials which have included retail display boards as well as woodchip or Orientated Strand Board (OSB).  The robust nature of OSB allows Dan to be quite brutal in his creative process, including the deliberate scraping back of many layers of paint. When developing a piece, it can be a destructive process, repeatedly eradicating an ordered image to develop layers and textures.

Although the process seems chaotic, Dan strives to find a balance within the chaos. His work often starts with a contrasting black and white base layer. As each piece evolves, a significant personal meaning emerges which is frequently a comment on our time, modern life or our perceptions of art. Dan likes to show the angst of life but also find a place of stability for the self, within the emotional chaos of a modern society. Consequently in seeking this balance the resulting images can offer a place of safety and hope. Sometimes signifiers are used such as a white or gold square painted or collaged in a solid area of the picture or occasionally instead of a signature as a reflection of self.

Paintings are signed and titled on the back. The canvas and wood paintings are wired and ready to hang. Limited edition prints are available for some of the works.

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